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  • David Tyrer

Juve rumours 'bullsh*t', according to Klopp

When another top club sacks or 'relieves' their current manager it is almost inevitable that a coach like Klopp is going to be linked with the job.

So in the case of Juventus, who recently confirmed that Massimilianio Allegri was due to step down as manager at the end of the season, it came as no surprise at all to see Jurgen linked, along with a number of other top managers.

Klopp has long been expected to join one of the 'elite' clubs, who are widely considered to be Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus (clubs who are practically untouchable in their leagues) later in his managerial career.

But at Liverpool, he has been given, not only the time, but the funds to 'create' his vision. Something that he was entirely given at Borussia Dortumund, due to the fact that Bayern were always snatching their big stars.

So it also comes as little surprise to hear Jurgen dismissing those links in true 'Klopp' fashion. Via the Mirror, he said: "Of course it’s a league that I like, it’s really exciting but all these rumours I hear about Juventus are bull****.

"There is nothing true about it. I am not going to leave Liverpool. I know Serie A very well, I follow it and I like it, but I am going to stay at Liverpool."

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