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Just one rule at LFC, according to Pep Lijnders

Apparently, that rule is a fairly simple one: attitude.

It's been fairly clear and apparent to Reds fans from day one of Jurgen Klopp's reign, as we witnessed a physically exhausted looking Adam Lallana collapse into his manager's arms after leaving every out on the pitch in a high-octane 0-0 draw at White Hart Lane.

Since that match Liverpool fans have become accustomed to seeing Jurgen Klopp move for players with that same attitude (and the talent to match, obviously) and Pep Lijnders has confirmed how that is the one rule at Liverpool.

Speaking to Liverpoolfc.com in Spain, Lijnders said: "Everything starts and finishes with the passion and ambition of the team. Everything about this team is glued by togetherness and by character.

"We know if we give everything, every day, then we can beat probably every team, or at least we can create a lot of problems against them. The boys know that and that’s the only way to prove [it]. 90 per cent of the three points are made in the week before the game, we believe in this.

"Probably we only have one rule: that’s always 100 per cent attitude.

"It all comes together, of course, but it starts with the boys having this passion to be better and better, not just individually but as a group. That drives our development and it’s a big plus for them."

The Reds have become one of the front runners when it comes to distance run stats, sprints per game, etc. under Klopp and it is now an incredibly crucial element to how we play.

Pep continued: "We look really [carefully] at the talent of the player when we contract players, and what they add in certain positions.

"But what we first want to know is the character. How passionate are they still to improve? How much ambition is there to win prizes? How much ambition is there to play in our way?

"We search for that type of player. One, talent, absolutely; but probably before it is the character of the player."

We bet Klopp and Lijnders would've love a few Dirk Kuyt's, or Maxi Rodriguez's too.

The Reds coach says the most important attribute at Liverpool is a player's attitude


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