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  • David Tyrer

Jurgen send message to Liverpool supporters

With the football leagues being postponed for the rest of this month, into April, and public events and sports being cancelled all over the world, it's a scary time for us all.

But while (and he says it himself) the words of football managers are the least of our concerns right now, Jurgen Klopp has put out a message of support and reassurance to Liverpool fans in light of this morning's news.

Via, he said: "I don’t think this is a moment where the thoughts of a football manager should be important, but I understand for our supporters they will want to hear from the team and I will front that.

"First and foremost, all of us have to do whatever we can to protect one another. In society I mean. This should be the case all the time in life, but in this moment I think it matters more than ever.

"I’ve said before that football always seems the most important of the least important things. Today, football and football matches really aren’t important at all.

"Of course, we don’t want to play in front of an empty stadium and we don’t want games or competitions suspended, but if doing so helps one individual stay healthy - just one - we do it no questions asked.

"If it’s a choice between football and the good of the wider society, it’s no contest. Really, it isn’t."

If the Premier League does recommence at the beginning of April, Liverpool will get back underway at the Etihad, but unless a miracle occurs and the UK sees the Coronavirus halted, we'll likely see a further extension of the FA's postponement.

But Klopp doesn't care about football in these times, because it's now all about saving lives. He finished with: "Please look after yourselves and look out for each other." You couldn't get more 'Jurgen' than that.

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