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  • David Tyrer

Jurgen Klopp updates on Liverpool injury situation

Ahead of Genk at Anfield on Tuesday night, it looks as if Liverpool have a clean bill of health, after the strenuous weekend tie against Aston Villa.

Of course, that means that the likes of Joel Matip, Nathaniel Clyne and Xherdan Shaqiri are still out but everybody else is fit and came through - mostly - unscathed.

Mo Salah looked a bit leggy and not quite himself against Aston Villa and was taken off with about 20 minutes to go, but it was more minutes that he needed after his knock.

Jurgen Klopp, speaking ahead of the match on Tuesday night at Anfield, told "I think [it's] pretty much as we looked before the last game [against] Aston Villa, nothing really changed.

"Nobody told me anything. Yesterday in training everybody could do what he had to do, but in this period of the year we know things can happen overnight [but] no, nothing [new] that I know. Everything should be fine."

But while that is positive news, the massive game on Sunday against our title rivals Man City, means that we're likely to see some sort of rotation against Genk.

He continued: "The problem is not now the game on Sunday [against Manchester City] because between Tuesday and Sunday is a lot of time, but of course we have to think a little bit about Saturday to Tuesday – that’s the shorter break between the games, so we have to think.

"But it’s all about having the best formation for this game, nothing else. It was always like this and will always be like this. How I said, we respect them a lot and we knew how difficult it was there. Yes, we scored the goals but it was not the best performances of the last 20 years of us and one of the reasons [for that] was Genk, to be honest.

"So, we will hopefully have a couple of fresh legs in. It’s clear that we want that, but it’s not like we will do so many changes that you cannot recognise our team anymore and think ‘who is that?’.

"No, this period was absolutely OK because we made changes against Arsenal, we had to, then we played Aston Villa, now we have to look a little bit at what we do tomorrow night. But then we have enough time to prepare for City."

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