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  • David Tyrer

Jurgen Klopp 'reassured' about Premier League's restart

It's likely not going to be anytime soon, but with the government seemingly hellbent on reopening the country, the restarting of the Premier League seems almost inevitable.

Despite the best efforts of clubs like Brighton to delay the restart until they can be assured relegation is off the table, we'd expect news on a potential restart in the next few weeks. At least once we get an idea about how the country is handling easing lockdown.

But the man that matters the most to us, Jurgen Klopp, is seemingly happy with the plans and preparations to get the season underway again. Even is if does feel 12th June is a little too soon.

Talk of a restart on 12th June appears to be a little too soon for Klopp, apparently, who has (like all other Premier League managers) asked for a minimum of 4 weeks to work with his players once they're back in training.

Liverpool's players have clearly been keeping up their own specialised training regimes at home but it's a far cry from what they'll be used to and, more importantly, need ahead of a league restart.

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