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  • David Tyrer

Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool are 'constantly in talks' about the long-term

There was no news today, as expected, about Liverpool signing (or selling) anybody. Nobody expected any surprises, not this late in the window.

That did not discourage the usual suspects from asking the question though. To which Klopp (via the Liverpool Echo) answered: "Incoming [today], nothing.

"Outgoing, nothing that I heard about but that does not mean it cannot happen. Go to another place where it's more exciting!

"We are not really busy with transfer decisions for this moment but we are constantly in talks and exchange ideas about what helps us in the long-term.

"Were we busy last year? The year before we brought in Virg. We have him already so we can't sign him again."

It'll certainly disappoint a number of fans, who seem to thrive more on who is signed and sold, than they do on the actual football part of the season. But you'll be hard-pressed to find any Red who approached this transfer window with anything but minor irritation.

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