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  • David Tyrer

Jurgen Klopp joins Liverpool - four years later

We knew at the time that appointing Jurgen Klopp as our manager was a massive power play by FSG.

They'd played it safe for too long, first with extending Kenny Dalglish's contract beyond his interim spell as manager. Then in appointing a young up-and-comer in Brendan Rodgers, when a top European manager was what we needed.

There were rumours that Klopp and also Carlo Ancelotti were being considered, many of us thought we were setting our sights too high and wanted Rafa Benitez to return. It seemed like the right time, FSG being settled, him having no job.

In fact, the thought that Jurgen Klopp would cut his sabbatical short, just four months in, to take on such a huge undertaking was so ridiculous to most LFC fans that we basically accepted that Carlo Ancelotti was likely to be the main consideration.

Fast forward to the night of Thursday 8th October 2015 and the rumours from earlier in the day that we would sign Jurgen Klopp became true.

One of the coolest, nicest and - most importantly - accomplished, managers on the planet had, for some unknown reason, become Liverpool manager.

In his first press conference he won many remaining doubters over, if there were any, with his 'doubters to believers' speech.

There have been times over the past 4 years when we've maybe slightly doubted, particularly in that difficult second season. Particularly after those two early cup finals.

But seeing his first major signings, his first big plays in the transfer market and some of those results that showed his tactics and ideologies starting to pay off - once again - won any remaining doubters over.

Reaching the Europa and League Cup finals in his first season was a near miracle and allowed Klopp to work out which of Brendan Rodgers' players had the character to survive his reign.

By the time we reached the Champions League final in 2018 though, we knew full well that this was Klopp's team. They rose to the big occasion, they relished the big challenges. It was just a case of getting them to be consistent in those small occasions too though.

Which brings us to last season and the start of this season, when Liverpool actually started to deliver on all occasions. Big or small, Liverpool took a mature approach, mixing that previous 'gegenpressing' style with a new solidity at the back.

A second successive Champions League final brought victory, and Jurgen Klopp's first at Liverpool, along with his first European trophy. A second placed Premier League finish, pushing Man City (an apparently untouchable Man City) team to the final day too.

It whet the appetites of Reds fans but, more importantly, the players and manager to continue this success to push harder and stronger again this season.

What we're now seeing is undoubtedly Jurgen Klopp's greatest ever team. By the end of the season, we could also be talking about Liverpool's greatest ever team. People and so-called experts are already whispering it.

17 successive Premier League wins, unbeaten at Anfield in almost 50 games, one league defeat in the last 46 league games. It's all there, all the evidence.

And if the team can push one step further this season and actually win the thing then there's no stopping them from becoming one of, it not our greatest, ever team.

It would also mark Jurgen Klopp as one of our greatest ever managers. He's closer now to delivering that elusive 19th title than anybody since the last time we won it.

And to think, when he arrived 4 years ago we were all just hoping that in 4 years time he could make us competitive again and be regularly qualifying for the Champions League.

That, fellow Reds, is the Jurgen Nobert bloody Klopp effect.

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