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  • David Tyrer

Jurgen Klopp glad his LFC 'mentality giants' were in town at Southampton

The Reds had to slog their way through 120 minutes - and penalties - on Wednesday night against Chelsea, so a long trip down to Southampton barely 3 days later was not welcome.

The media, as Klopp himself had already stated, had probably already written the headlines about the match being a banana skin. It's a match Liverpool have usually lost in the past.

But this is a Liverpool team made of something a bit different. If the chips are down, if they're tired or playing badly, they somehow manage to find another level, another secret reserve of energy and pull themselves through.

Southampton was a case in point. Anybody could see that the players were tired, leggy and would probably have benefited from another 24 hours rest. But Southampton were still, eventually, outrun.

Speaking following the match, Klopp talked about having won two trophies in less than 3 months and the response to the players at St. Mary's, telling "I have nothing to do with pretty much 99 per cent of the trophies the club have won!

"It took long enough to get rid of the burden of all the success in the past, so it is good we won the games. We will never forget that for sure, our supporters will never forget that.

"Actually, it is easy to be happy after the game and then be concentrated the next morning about the next thing. It is not that we now run constantly through the floors or whatever and celebrate and don’t put our arms down!

"It’s all OK. That’s why I liked it so much [today]. We are not used to winning big things and then coming to Southampton, I really loved how much respect we showed today.

"I said before the game that this looks like the biggest banana skin in history; everybody is waiting for it and probably all the headlines were written already.

"I told the boys the headline I would prefer is ‘the mentality giants were in town’ – that’s how I feel it in the moment.

"The boys did an outstanding job for today, all good, let’s go home, recover and start again."

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