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  • David Tyrer

Joorabchian: difficult for Coutinho to play for any Premier League club but Liverpool

Is it beginning to feel like all parties are putting out the feelers on this one? It's definitely starting to feel that way to us, as Coutinho's agent has more to say on Liverpool today.

Via the Liverpool Echo, the Brazilian's agent, Kia Joorabchian, had this to say to talkSport:

"Manchester United is a great club, I have players there and I have all the respect for them, but as far as Philippe goes it would be an extremely difficult to a near-impossible move.

"I would be very difficult for Philippe to play for any of Liverpool’s rivals, because he has such a great affinity towards Liverpool. His time there was fantastic.

"Yes, but like all big players at some point, you want to experience a different thing in your career because your career is very short, but it [his Anfield exit] has no reflection on the fact his heart and affinity is very much with Liverpool."

Previously, the player's agent had been quoted as saying that the player's heart is still with Liverpool, whilst rejecting the idea of a move to Man Utd.

Later, he went on to say that Barcelona have reiterated their plans to keep the player next season, but it's no secret that the La Liga champions want a return for Neymar as well.

That would inevitably mean some big player sales, and Coutinho and Dembele are the two most saleable, and dispensable, asset that the club have.

Joorabchian goes on to talk further about how much Coutinho still loves the club, before talking directly/indirectly about the possibility of the player returning to Anfield, and how it all depends on whether the Reds feels there is a gap in the squad for a player like him.

He continued: "So with the build-up they’ve done and the squad they have, it [signing Coutinho] would really have to be something they would have to decide whether or not they feel there is now a current gap in the squad for someone like Philippe.

"I think it’s going to be a very difficult deal, but most of the big ones are always very, very difficult.

"Obviously if he were to move back [to the Premier League], it would have to be Liverpool, but at the moment I think it would be difficult and it would be up to them."

So basically, he's saying the ball is in Liverpool's court and, in no uncertain terms, has made it clear that Coutinho would be open to a return. What do you think?

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