• David Tyrer

Jonathan Northcroft speaks about Liverpool's transfer work

It's been a long, slow month since the Reds brought old big ears back home on 1st June, both on and off the pitch.

There's been plenty of transfer rumours surrounding the Reds, on a daily basis, it's basically us or Man Utd that are linked with every player because we're the ones that generate clicks.

But on the whole, nothing of substance has come up. Jonathan Northcroft though has perhaps given Liverpool fans a glimmer of hope for the next 6 weeks.

Speaking on the The Transfer Window podcast, the Sunday Times journalist said: "(Virgil) Van Dijk and Alisson (Becker) came for world-record fees. I think is a trend that we’ll see continuing. They can afford to look at the cream now.

"This is a sign of Liverpool’s evolution; they’ve been building towards getting themselves in this position probably for six years now… Now they’re in a position where they can just pick off – they feel – the top players that they need at the top end of the market."

Don't get too excited, he's not saying that Griezmann and Mbappe are incoming, but it is pretty promising and we're almost certain that we'll see a couple of decent squad signings incoming before the start of the next season in August.


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