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  • David Tyrer

John Henry: LFC have unfinished business in Champions League final

The owner of Liverpool, John W. Henry, has spoken about the huge occasion of the Champions League tomorrow.

The US businessman who brought Jurgen Klopp to the club in 2015 believes that winning the Champions League will be no consolation for missing out on the Premier League title.

While he believes that the trophy would signal the conclusion of a superb season at Anfield, he is keen for any success to motivate the team on to winning the league in 2020.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: "It’s an amazing feeling given what happened last year in the final.

"We felt we had unfinished business so to get back here is really gratifying.

"They (The Premier League and Champions League) are different. It doesn’t make up for it. Not winning the Premier League this year means it’s an even larger goal for next year.

"Sort of like going back to the Champions League final this year was something our guys set their minds on.

"We’ll be set on winning next year. We’re going to have a go, and we’re strong already.

"Every year—we haven’t gone through that process yet, because we’re still playing—but every year we’ve shown we’re willing to invest in the right kind of player and do it the right way so the club is sustainable."

FSG and Henry have had their fair share of criticism since taking over the club, but in bringing in Klopp there is no doubt that they have given Reds a huge gift, as the German manager has taken us to successive Champions League finals.

Not only that, but we've had the highest total of points in the league in the club's history, despite not actually winning.

There is no doubting though that a win tomorrow would represent a huge step forward from a club making progress, to a club arriving back at the top table.

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