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  • David Tyrer

Joe Anderson: End season and give Liverpool the title

Amongst all of the calls to 'null and void' the Premier League, with the likes of Piers Morgan, Rio Ferdinand and fans of every rival club, you wouldn't expect Joe Anderson to be an ally.

Well, an ally, of sorts. His hatred of LFC still drips out of almost every Tweet and utterance, but he has today put his (not insignificant) weight behind calls for the season to be ended, but with the caveat that Liverpool should be handed the title.

The Reds sit, as you all know, 25 points clear of a distant second-place Man City. Needing just 2 wins to confirm the title. Any chance we'll drop enough points to let them back in at this stage are almost non-existent.

In all likelihood, the season will be finished, but Anderson reckons it's time to just call it quits and make us champions.

Speaking to the BBC today, he said: "I think the best thing to do is to actually end the season.

"It isn't just about Liverpool - they've clearly won the league - they deserve it, they should be crowned league champions.

"The bottom line is, though, this is about health and safety and people's lives and I think football should have to come second in regards to making a choice here.

"There's not many people who would respect what we were saying and stay away from the ground, a lot of people would come to celebrate so I think it's a non-starter."

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