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  • David Tyrer

James Pearce: Sterling to LFC is 'a non-starter on every possible level'

So no sooner had the rumours of Harry Kane hinting at interest in a move to Liverpool been put to bed, similar rumours about Raheem Sterling returning to Liverpool have been ended.

The source is James Pearce who, in the Athletic has stated: "There’s more chance of Lord Lucan riding into Anfield on Shergar than Sterling returning to Liverpool any time soon. It’s a non-starter on every possible level."

The English winger left Liverpool on as sour a note as any player has since perhaps El Hadj Diouf and has done nothing to endear himself to fans since leaving. Comments in the press, disparaging statements suggesting the fans were racist toward him.

And then his most recent discretion: an attack on Joe Gomez, before failing to immediately come to his defence when he was later abused by England fans. It's fair to say that Sterling is the one player that few LFC fans will want to return any time soon.

Ignoring all of those things though, the points that stand against any potential return to Liverpool, according to Pearce, are the fact that his wages are obscene, Man City would be unlikely to sell to their biggest rivals and Liverpool have far better players in his position.

That's before we even start to talk about how fans would react to any potential return. Regardless of that, FSG wouldn't sanction a move so we can content ourselves that Liverpool won't be signing Sterling back anytime in the near future.

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