• David Tyrer

Italian journalist claims LFC have offered Werner 5 year contract

And so it rumbles on, as Liverpool have again been linked with Timo Werner today, as Italian journalist (or so he claims) Nicolò Schira has said we've offered Timo a contract.

The German forward is perhaps even more familiar to many LFC fans these days than many member of their own families. We know his shoe size, his parents' names and how many pets he's had.

Now we now he has been offered a 5 year contract, up to £9 million and bonuses, according to Schira. Were apparently in discussions with Leipzig to try and work out a deal for the player too. Because that's probably the most crucial part.

Werner has been linked with a number of Europe's top sides again this week too, including Juventus and Bayern. But this week he's dismissed claims of a move to Bayern. With sources close to the player insisting he only wants to work with Jurgen at Liverpool.

Check out the original Tweet from Schira below:


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