• David Tyrer

It takes Atletico just 24 hours to start Klopp's 2nd leg team talk

As Liverpool fell to their first defeat in what seemed like 10 years away to Atletico Madrid last night, all eyes turned to the 2nd leg at Anfield in March.

The Reds pushed and pushed, but weren't able to create a real chance of note, whilst Atletico's early goal set them up and allowed them to execute their game plan.

But with Anfield return legs, there's always the chance that a member of the opposition will be stupid enough to play down the grand old stadium in some way.

So leave it to Atletico president Enrique Cerezo to start their eventual downfall off by stoking those fires off less than a day later.

Speaking during a press conference today to officially unveil a player, Cerezo said: "He who strikes first strikes hardest. To see our fans so committed to the team was amazing. It was absolutely spectacular. Anfield is a great stadium but it’s old. It probably wouldn’t pass the UEFA inspection if it had to do it."

If only Atletico had had a three nil lead instead of just a 1 nil lead, with no intention of attacking at Anfield, they may be able to feel a bit more secure. Instead, they get to bring a very precarious 1-nil lead to a ground where we haven't failed to score in a year.


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