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  • David Tyrer

It hurt seeing Liverpool win the Champions League - Shaw

Watching as Liverpool breezed into the Champions League final for a second year in a row must've really hurt for many Man Utd, Man City and Everton fans last season.

But you can only imagine how it felt for them when we actually went and won number 6! It's must have been torture.

And that's something that Man Utd's Luke Shaw has confirmed, in some comments he made to the Mirror yesterday.

He told them: "Last season was so hurtful for everyone.

"I know the fans were really hurt, but we as a team were very hurt. It was really tough for all of us to take and you couldn’t really enjoy your holidays.

"You see the ­Champions League Final and the ­Europa League Final and they’re all English teams. It makes you feel even worse — especially the way the finals went. None of us want that to happen again.

"I think that’s why we’ve all come back again with a ­different mindset and, of course, we had that break to clear our minds. But now we’re all focused on getting United back to where they belong and not ­letting the teams we’ve seen in the finals have it that easy."

So according to Shaw, we've had it 'easy'. Nothing at all to do with the fact that none of the other top 6 teams could beat us last season, apart from Man City's fortunate home win.

Of course, he also ignores the fact that they started the season with supposedly the best manager in the world in charge, with a squad capable of challenging Man City but through their own poor displays, cost Mourinho his job and ultimately achieved nothing themselves.

We don't know about anybody else, but it'll be interesting to see whether they're able to turn in any better performances this season so that it's 'not that easy' for us.

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