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  • David Tyrer

Is Fortnite bigger competition for Liverpool than Everton, when attracting new fans?

It just may be, according to LFC CEO Peter Moore.

According to the man that actually knows both football and video games inside out, the new generation of football fans could be being lost to popular video games like Fortnite.

Speaking to Reuter, via ESPN, Moore said: "The next generation [of fans] is going to be playing Fortnite, or Apex Legends, and is he even going to get out of his bedroom? That is the challenge we face.

"The only way to meet that challenge is go and get them. I am loath to say go into the bedroom and find them, but you have to.

"You've got to talk to them like they are used to being spoken to."

In some ways, he's probably not wrong. You'd be hard pressed to find anybody under 15 who hasn't at least dabbled with Fortnite in the last few years. Particularly seeing as most footballers under 25 also seem to be obsessed with it.

But then, that right there could be the way in: paid advertising in video games for major football clubs. Not that that's how you want to attract new fans. But in this day and age of 'franchises' and all big clubs being seen as businesses, it's the only way to get by really.

Moore, though, will use all of his experience spent in the industry, at both EA and Microsoft could bring real dividends for LFC. He continued: "The ability for me to bring my experience, particularly in the last 20 years being in tech, has allowed me to bring that to bear against the needs and challenges of what traditional sports need to do to embrace this new generation.

"A lot of gamers are coming through who are expecting the gaming experience.

"They don't actually like to sit in the living room any more or don't actually go to the game with their dads."

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