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Ince worried for Liverpool title bid, but Xherdan isn't in the least

You know when former players (you know the type, they can't stand the current sides being successful), opposition fans and the wider media in general are worried about LFC actually being successful because they can't stop talking about us probably failing.

That's the case with former Liverpool player - and captain - Paul Ince, who has had his say on what has him worried about Liverpool's title bid. Speaking to BT Sport, Ince said: "Sir Alex used to say it was about March. When it comes to March, that's when it gets to the business end of the season.

"I'm kind of worried about Liverpool because we're not even in March yet and I'm seeing signs there that they do look a little bit nervous."

However, in an unrelated interview with Liverpoolfc.com, the former Bayern Munich star said: "I think it was a good point to take in the end, because although we always want to win every game, it was maybe not our best performance this year. So, in the end, it was a draw and we take the point.

"Obviously being five points clear is better than four. We wanted to win the game, but every game is very tough to play. Leicester have a good team, were very well organised – you saw that in the game – and it was difficult against them.

"So, we take the point and we go forward – we are looking to the next game now. Everything is good, so we will just keep going like this. We are looking forward to the next game on Monday, which is very important to win.

"If we continue to stay focused at the highest level, I am confident we are going to [continue to] win games."

The man who won title's with the German side, and has a great deal of international experience, is hardly likely to say the opposite but it's quite telling how the naysayers are all based outside of Anfield, while there appears no doubt in our squad's minds about the task ahead.

Let the siege-mentality build, I say.

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