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  • David Tyrer

Ian Wright reckons LFC 'are at level where Mbappe would go there'

Not much going on today? Well, it is Sunday during lockdown, after all. So here's some words from Arsenal legend Ian Wright about those Kylian Mbappe to Liverpool rumours.

It's been a long-running transfer story/joke in the football world, with even the player himself playing along at one point.

Jurgen Klopp has even held talks with the lad's dad, if you believe everything you read. And the Echo can't seem to get enough of the story.

But the likelihood of it happening, of FSG paying the sort of fee PSG would be after, is so unlikely, that we're more likely to see the current government puts lives over the economy first.

Anyway, here's what Ian Wright had to say to the Match of the Day Top-10 podcast: "You could see Mbappe, at the moment, at Liverpool. You can definitely see that.

"If we’re talking about it now, I could see Mbappe at Liverpool but where would he fit into? I think Liverpool are at that level where Mbappe could go to."

Join the European, World - and soon to be English - Champions? Well, he'd have to be daft not to really, wouldn't he, eh?

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