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  • David Tyrer

How will LFC approach difficult December? Ljinders explains

With Liverpool having won one trophy already this season, and still having five more to play for, it's going to be a busy period over the next few months at least.

December is always a jam-packed month, but this year will be so much more busy, with the Premier League, Carabao Cup quarter final and the FIFA Club World Championship.

Liverpool have already agreed to take part in both, with the Carabo Cup quarter final taking place on the 17th December and the FIFA CWC on the 18th December, with a final or 3rd place play-off to come as well.

And one of Klopp's main coaches, Pep Ljinders, has explained how the squad is going to cope during this period. He said: "It is important with a 'culture of victory' because each prize we can win is important, so we try to attack each competition we play.

"But, for me, the most important thing is the chance to show, in a different part of the world, our identity and our philosophy and a real spirit of initiative.

"In a perfect world people should look forward to seeing us play. As regards [to] changing between England and Qatar, we already have the people in charge who are preparing to make this process as smooth as possible.

"We have to ignore what's beyond our control whatever the circumstances. This is what we always try to do, but in these periods, it will be even more the case."

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