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  • David Tyrer

Hodgson wants Brewster on loan.. but can't guarantee games

It was last week that we first discovered that former Liverpool manager (we're sorry) Roy Hodgson wanted to take Rhian Brewster on loan in January. Just before the match.

Watching Palace during the game, you could sort of understand why, such was the bluntness of their attack. For all the pace of Zaha and effort they put in, there's little cutting edge.

So the thought of Brewster getting Premier League experience at a mid-table club makes a lot of sense. Until you read Hodgson's quotes today (via Sky Sports).

"He's a good player, there's no doubt about that,.

"The only thing that would concern me there is that I don't know quite how many guaranteed games [he would get].

"If I was going to speak to Jurgen and he was going to talk to me about, 'I want Rhian Brewster to go out on loan and play some matches.' I'm not 100 per cent certain I could guarantee him that he would be the first name on the team sheet.

"So I'm not 100 per certain that that will do anything other than be useful for us in terms of having another player who could come in from time to time and certainly help us out.

"But if I was Jurgen Klopp and Rhian Brewster, I think I'd want to be going somewhere where I was the first name on the team sheet, and I could guarantee that between January and May I'd be playing 20 matches."




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