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  • David Tyrer

Heskey: Mo Salah is trying a bit too hard

He's not wrong, is he?

We've all been saying for weeks, perhaps since that '50 goals in however many games' record started to rear its head, that Mo has looked as if he's trying too hard.

Watching him against Fulham on Sunday, it could've been over by the hour mark but every time he had the ball around the home side's box, he just looked to be trying to force it.

Former Liverpool striker, Emile Heskey, reckons that's what's been extending his goal 'drought' lately.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: "He’s still got 17 goals, so he’s not having that bad a season but he’s probably just trying a little bit too hard,” Heskey told Sky Sports.

"He’s looking at the season before when he was scoring all these goals, confidence was high, things were ricocheting then going in. He’s not getting that luck now, but he still wants to get the goals and everyone is still looking at him as that go-to guy for the goals."

He has been brilliant in a few games, just not managing to convert his own chances, but against Fulham yesterday it looked as if he was struggling and it was affecting his confidence.

Heskey continued: "There are times when he should be passing the ball but he’s wanting to score himself. That is the danger,” Heskey added.

"When you’re going through that patch you need the balance. You need to know when to pass the ball and when to take the shot."

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