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  • David Tyrer

Hendo: Fabinho key to his 'new' positional role

Much has been said and made about Jordan Henderson being recently restored to his old 'box to box' midfield role, after having spent most of Klopp's time at the club as a 6. But the man himself says that one player has been key to it all: Fabinho.

The LFC captain excelled in an advanced role for his country last month and he says he and his manager had discussed a move to a more familiar position after the international break. It's fair to say that it's a change that's made us all happy.

The skipper was speaking via the Liverpool Echo, saying: "Me and the gaffer just had a conversation.

"I don't think the manager had thought about it too much until I mentioned it to him. It was something that he said he would think about.

"The manager might not have seen me in that position too much. Obviously he'd seen the England games, I felt good in the England games playing in that position."

After joining the match from the bench last Friday in an advanced midfield role, Hendo was charged with the same job against Porto on Tuesday and it was a great success, offering us a drive and intensity that has been missing in Oxlade-Chamberlain's lengthy absence.

He continued: "In the last couple of years there hasn't really been a player like Fabinho in that role so I've had to adapt to it.

"I think I've done quite well. I think if you look at Fab, it's quite natural to him. That's his position and he's so good at what you need to do in that position.

"I just thought that might give me a bit more licence to get forward more at times but you never know. The manager wants me in both positions which is good for me and for the team."

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