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  • David Tyrer

Henderson played on with knackered knee for Liverpool win

If what you expect of a captain is to give his all for the club, then you can't, literally can't, ask anymore of Jordan Henderson.

With about 35 minutes gone, it looked as if the captain was finished. Down, holding his face with one hand, his knee with another, it looked like he was going to have to leave the pitch.

But he rose up, shook it off and played on until the half time whistle (including 4 extra minutes at the end of the half).

It wasn't all that easy though, as Hendo has revealed that his knee was in a bad condition and he told the club's physios and medical staff to 'give him the lot' during half time.

Speaking after the match, he said: "I was struggling when I got a whack on the knee.

"It was dead. The doctor said just keep it moving.

"I managed to get to half time and I had a bit of treatment, took painkillers, all that stuff which helped."

Henderson was a huge player for us over the last month, since his return to his favoured role and he was massive for us again last night, never giving Barca's players a chance to settle.

But none of that would've been possible without his spirit, leadership and his sheer will to help his team over the line. He continued: "There was a jab and tablets. Both. Everything. I said: ‘just give us everything'.

"So I managed to get through it and the crowd helped as well and keep us going. It was an amazing night and I am honoured to be part of it and contribute."

Thank you, captain Hendo.

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