• David Tyrer

Henderson: Mane 'laughing and joking' in dressing room

So that's that then. According to the captain Sadio Mane was laughing and joking by the time the team got to the dressing room and is clearly keen for everyone to move on.

Prior to that all eyes had been on Sadio Mane and Mo Salah after Mane was visibly livid after being substituted following an incident with Mo Salah on the field.

Salah had been in the box, with Mane completely free for a pass and, most likely, a tap in but the Egyptian forward opted instead to try and dribble himself into a scoring position.

On being substituted a few minutes later Mane was furious, throwing his vest down and gesticulating in the direction of the field of play.

But Jordan Henderson says that it has all blown over now, whilst adding that it's that competitive edge that makes him such a good player.

Speaking to Liverpoolfc.com, Jordan Henderson said: "I couldn’t really understand at first, but then when he came in, he was laughing and joking.

"The most important thing was we got the result, Sadio knows that.

"He performed really well again. Him and Bobby were really big second ball. He had a fantastic game.

"Like I said, we want to push each other. We want to improve all the time. I quite like that now and again. I think we need it."


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