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  • David Tyrer

Gundogan: 'Title race is already over for us (Man City)'

When you consider that there are still 69 points to play for, you'd think that no side with the strength that Man City have would give up on the title just yet.

But it appears that many of City's players have already done so, even if their manager hasn't. And that is particularly the case with their German midfielder Gundogan.

He was speaking to BT Sport, when he was asked about City's form this season and whether the title was out of reach.

He said: "Quite far to be honest.

"It's so far and a difficult season for us. There's already a huge gap in the Premier League between Liverpool and us. We can't deny that the title race is already over for us. We have to compete for the Champions League again next season and that's disappointing to be honest. So early in the season to have such a huge gap is not something we are used to.

"No-one says if you are not successful in the Premier League then you can't be successful in the Champions League. I think in the Champions League there are still all chances open."

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