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  • David Tyrer

Gundogan: Liverpool have been very lucky

Barely a week passes lately without Man City having to try to goad our players, or make comments about our form, the Anfield atmosphere or where we deserve to be in the table.

So it's no surprise to hear another City player come out with the same sort of guff ahead of the 2 key games tomorrow, with City playing Palace and the Reds playing Chelsea at Anfield.

Speaking, no doubt to the MEN, ahead of the two team's Premier League fixtures on Sunday he said: "Liverpool are desperate to be champions.

"They want to win the Premier League more than the Champions League.

"But everything is in our hands. I think we have played the better football. We were seven points behind them and then we went ahead of them.

"If we win our game in hand, we will go past them and be the leaders. We shouldn't forget that.

"I think they have been very lucky in the past one or two months. They have scored a lot of late goals recently.

"Everything is in our hands. If we win the last six games then we will be champions."

Of course, City haven't had the slightest luck all season and they don't regularly get offside goals awarded and dodgy penalties given in their favour.

But from Ilkay Gundogan's comments, he appears to think that they're basically nailed on to win all of their remaining games, and only luck can see us trump them by the season's end.

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