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  • David Tyrer

Guardiola takes credit for standards Liverpool are setting

You couldn't make it up really, it's the sort of thing you'd expect from an English manager who saw his predecessor win a title after he almost got relegated.

Y'know, like the man who was managing our opponents yesterday, Nigel Pearson. But the words today have come from Man City's manager Guardiola.

The Spaniard claims that his City side had set such high standards, that Liverpool have had to up their game so much that they are now the team to beat and it's because of what his team's have done before.

Via Sky Sports, the City boss said: "When we arrived here (in 2016) the standard was 85 points to win [the title].

"Now you have to reach almost 100 points to win the Premier League.

"That is why we helped Liverpool to make this step, [to] buy incredible top players and now it is the level you have to reach.

"All the teams that are behind Liverpool know we have to make 100 points.

"In 11 years no one won back-to-back [Premier Leagues] and then we did it by winning 14 games in a row.

"That is why when people say we are not good [now], I cannot forget what this team has done.

"But sometimes in a process, in the NBA or with incredible tennis players, there are problems or periods in the season when you struggle a little bit. I would say that is normal."

You can just imagine Jurgen Klopp worshipping at the altar of Pep Guardiola every day, thanking him for the advice on what players to buy, what tactics to choose and how to approach the current fixture list after he helped us win last season's Champions League too.




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