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  • David Tyrer

Guardiola on the brink? Man City manager in laughable Liverpool post-match rant

There's always been a supposed mutual respect between the Liverpool and Man City managers, since their arrival in the Premier League.

Jurgen Klopp and City's Guardiola came head-to-head in the Bundesliga for three seasons, before both moved to England within a few months of one another.

So it's never really say well with the British press that the two won't indulge in the tradition of 'minds games' prior to big games or during title challenges.

But Guardiola's strange, seemingly pre-meditated, outburst following his sides sixth defeat of the season yesterday against Jose Mourinho's Spurs side may have changed that.

The City manager said (speaking to the Guardian): "Two seasons ago there was the owner of the Premier League who said that could not happen again, it’s not good for the Premier League for City to win the title in that way, with 100 points.

"Now it’s Liverpool, you have to be concerned if you are the owner of the Premier League."

Now it's fair to say that the Spanish coach is probably poking fun at the Premier League boss as much as anything.

But to say that he said is farcical, considering that the whole point of Richard Scudamore's original comments were about City's financial power and the accusations of breaches of FFP.

As one journalist (Nick Harris) said on Twitter following Guardiola's comments: "Pep Guardiola joining the most extreme wing of MCFC fans you can find on Twitter as a conspiracist loon from the top drawer: extraordinary. All because a coach now better than him has deployed fabulous but lesser resources better than him."

So there you have it. If you can't compete with the best coach in the world, who has had big (albeit far, far less) resources than you, despite having spent literal billions and having the most expensive squad and best infrastructure in the world, then that's only on you.

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