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  • David Tyrer

Guardiola on LFC video: If someone was offended, I apologise

At least he's apologised, but even the Man City manager has echoed the same mantra as the club and fans: we haven't done anything wrong.

It was only a couple of days ago that Man City's players were videoed travelling home from their title-winning match, singing inflammatory songs about LFC, but the excuses from the club and the lack of responsibility taken, was hugely disappointing.

So you have to appreciate that Guardiola has at least offered an apology. But his apology comes, as they always do in these sort of circumstances, with a caveat (i.e. I apologise if anybody was offended).

Speaking during his pre-FA Cup final press conference this morning, he said: "Just for one second imagine we could offend about these tragedies about Liverpool, all the Liverpool people, it’s incredible.

"We were happy for ourselves. If someone was offended for another issue, I am sorry, I apologise, but it wasn’t our intention.

"We were happy for ourselves to win the Premier League against an incredible contender.

"You know my opinion on social media, but we are not the only one to do that. We are living in that position and that is what it is."

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