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  • David Tyrer

Guardiola makes laughable 'we can't compete with them' Liverpool claim

As each Premier League week passes, the gap between Liverpool and Man City has widened. With that has come varying hilarious complaints from City fans.

The new City fan will literally cry unfairness about everything, even going as far as to call in to talkSport and bemoan correct VAR decisions as being unfair on them.

So leave it to their 'genius' manager Pep Guardiola to take it one step further and complain that his club can't 'compete' with the 'big' clubs like ourselves.

As quoted in the Express, he said: "United have the quality to defend and the quality to attack on the counter-attack and you have to accept that.

"But that is the level we face against Liverpool, United, Barcelona, Madrid, Juventus – those are the teams we have to face and the reality is maybe we are not able now to compete with them.

"Maybe we need to live that as a club to improve, to accept the reality now and improve."

Sounds an awful lot like the City boss is trying desperately to lower expectations, so that a disappointing season doesn't reflect too badly on him.




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