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  • David Tyrer

Guardiola: Liverpool are our best ever rivals

The league season has been over for a month now but you'll still find fans of Man City, Man Utd and Everton talking about LFC non-stop.

You'd think that might not be the case with our title rival's own manager, Pep Guardiola, but you'd be wrong. He's equally obsessed and can't stop talking about Klopp's team!

No, all joking aside, Guardiola has actually had something positive to say about the Reds, who he believes are his best rivals.

Speaking in an interview with This is Premier League, he said: "The fact we played these 14 games knowing if we draw a game or if we lose a game it will be difficult to retain the title.

"I think they helped us to be a better team, I am 100 per cent convinced on that.

"The value of your title depends on the quality of your contender, your big rival, and I cannot find a better one than Liverpool."

Of course, it's hard to disagree with the Man City boss when you consider that we achieved the 3rd highest points total in history and won the Champions League this season as well.

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