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  • David Tyrer

Guardiola channels his inner Joker saying that Man City need Liverpool

As Liverpool prepare for the team's biggest match of the season so far on Sunday afternoon against Man City, a lot will be said about both teams and their relationship with one another.

For many experts we're living in a time of unrivalled excellence, at least during the Premier League era.

First, Man City set an almost unreachable target in their first title success under Guardiola, in winning the title with 100 points.

But for Liverpool to run them so close last season, finishing second with a record points haul. City also won the domestic cups, whilst Liverpool were crowned Champions of Europe.

For many, they're the two greatest teams in English football history. That appears to have continued on into this season with Liverpool setting the early pace, whilst Man City sit in second.

The teams meet on Sunday and, despite being six points behind the Reds at present, City boss Guardiola believes that his team need Liverpool to reach even greater heights.

He said to BT Sport: "We need this competitor to rise as a club, not just as a team.

"For myself as a manager, as an institution as a club, they push us to achieve another step so if you believe everything is easy and after back-to-back in the Premier League, you can't believe it.

"When the people say 'they are lucky' and my son and daughter say 'they are lucky', I say 'it is not lucky'. It is lucky when it happens one or two times but when last season it happened six or seven times in the last minutes, to come back and win the game, and then this season, it is a special quality.

"The mentality and talent to learn that, I don't believe in football about lucky when it happens many, many times, it is because they're talented."

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