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  • David Tyrer

Gomez: Liverpool a different team to last year's final

In the run to last year's final Liverpool were largely seen in the same way that this season's Ajax were: a breath of fresh air for a competition that had become quite stale with the same winners most seasons (usually from Spain).

So it was no surprise to see LFC play Real Madrid in the final. A final in which we were generally seen as massive underdogs. We could win, but it was highly unlikely.

Since then, though, we've pushed the strongest team in Premier League history to within a point of the title for 9 months and reached another Champions League final. We're now considered 'back among the elite', in the sense that we're here to stay.

That's why Liverpool defender Gomez believes that this season's final will see a much different Liverpool side.

Speaking to, he said: "I definitely think we go into this final in a different place.

"It's still a Champions League final and they're always separate occasions and you have to approach it with the same mentality.

"But I think this year speaks for itself and the growth in the team has been massive.

"[The manager] shows and emphasises the fact that we're a different team and we can't go into thinking that we're the same team.

"In that sense, we can take the confidence from that, but still have the desire to win one because we know what it means for this club and we want to get the sixth star."

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