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  • David Tyrer

Gini says the LFC players are hard on each other, but that makes them a better team

On the outside looking in, this group of Liverpool players seem like the best of friends. It's refreshing to see, and the sense of camaraderie is plain for everybody to see.

Tt isn't all rosy though, and the players can be quite nasty with one another, often giving out to each other when things need to be said. But that just makes them a better team, says midfielder Gini Wijnaldum.

He told "We've played together a few years already, so we also know each other as people.

"We just have a group that is like friends. With each other, it feels like family.

"Maybe sometimes we have to be fair with each other and say something which the other person might not like.

"But that helps us also to be a better team because we all expect from each other that the person you play with is giving 100 per cent. We, as a team, have to make sure he does it.

"We're just honest with each other and try to help each other out to do as good as possible."

Liverpool go into the team's 27th Premier League game of the season on Monday night, at Anfield against West Ham, knowing that it will be one more step on the road to the club's first title in 30 years.

And that is exactly what the players are doing at the moment: one step at a time. Gini continued: "Think of one game at a time, try to give everything [in] every game and at the end you will see what will happen. We don't really think about results and those things.

“We just think about the game and try to give everything we have and do as good as possible so we have the biggest chance to win the game.

"Until now, it went quite well, really well, so we hope we can continue this run until the end.

"It's hard and tough but on the other side, we also enjoy it because it's a good feeling if you give everything during the games and feel that you've succeeded at the end of the game.

"We also enjoy the journey – I have to say that it's easier because we are winning games.

"But just train hard, look at it game by game and don't look that far ahead. It worked well for us until now."

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