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  • David Tyrer

Gini: Hostile Goodison atmosphere could help Liverpool players

If you're a Red, there's only one thing you'll be doing at 16:00 on Sunday - tuning in for the Merseyside derby.

The visit across the park is always a hostile trip, with Everton fan's bitterness spilling over and Liverpool fans are always confident of rubbing their neighbour's noses in yet another win.

But this season has been different, with Everton now the big over-spenders on Merseryside, and the pressure will be on them to match their first-half performance from Anfield last year where the Blues took the game to Liverpool and made the Reds work hard for the 3 points.

Being at home brings it's own pressure and, as always, that will spill into a hostility toward the away players (and fans), the likes of which some will never have experienced before.

Gini Wijnaldum, though, thinks that this hostile reception could work against the home team, particularly as their players and - more so - fans will be looking to ruin our title push.

Speaking ahead of the match, via the Liverpool Echo, Gini said: "Yeah, but we want to defeat them badly too.

"So it works two ways! I expect it’s going to be a big fight.

"It will be a totally different atmosphere to a normal game, but we go there to play football and to hopefully enjoy it.

"You use it to spur you on. It’s great to win there. My first year here we won there. Then last year we had two draws in the league against Everton, and we beat them in the cup."

Gini is well versed in the derby now, coming toward the end of his 3rd full season at the club and he's never been on the losing side, whether in the Premier League or the cup.

He continued: "It was a good game last time we played them. They were really good, better than all the times I’d played them before.

"I don’t expect them to be less motivated than they were before. I think it’s going to be a difficult game.

"They can have a bad run and something can change and make them good again.

"In the derby, their fans expect a lot from the players, they will support the players on the pitch. It’s a different game to the others.

"This one is separate from all the other ones. I don’t think the last couple of games count because of the atmosphere, the fans, the way everyone hypes this game. The supporters really want to win this game, and so do we."

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