• David Tyrer

Gillespie reckons Van Dijk is the best defender he's seen

We, like everyone else in the football world, have run out of superlatives for Virgil Van Dijk. The comparisons to legends like Hansen, Lawrenson and Hyypia aren't far off.

He's also been compared to other legends of the world game, such as Maldini, Beckenbauer and Cannavaro but Van Dijk is making sure it's his own style that stands out.

For that reason, former Liverpool defender Gary Gillespie thinks that Van Dijk is the best he's seen. He doesn't necessarily say 'ever', but he does say the 'best he's seen'.

Speaking to Liverpoolfc.com, he said: "Normally it is the players that catch the eye, the players that score the goals, that dribble and beat people, that create opportunities and I think it speaks volumes that he’s even being talked about as winning the Ballon d’Or, the fact he’s a centre-back.

"For me, he’s the best [defender] I’ve seen, absolutely. He’s right up there, outstanding in every department [and] in one-on-one situations, and that’s so key these days, with the way that modern teams play.

"Sometimes you are left in one-on-one situations and you just need to look at his stats last season: I think they were that not one player dribbled past him. I just think that’s phenomenal."


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