• David Tyrer

Gerrard loved seeing Liverpool win Champions League as a fan

During his time at Liverpool, Steven Gerrard was basically Mr. LFC. For 17 seasons, if Gerrard played well, invariably Liverpool did too. If Gerrard had a good season, we did too.

Apart from the Premier League, the former Reds captain won the lot at Anfield, but the experience for him now is entirely as a fan.

Many hope, and believe, that Gerrard will end up managing Liverpool at some point but for the time being Jurgen Klopp's presence is ensuring it won't be for at least a few years yet.

So right now, he's a Liverpool fan. And the Rangers manager told the Scottish paper, the National: "It was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to do it as a fan.

"I got the invite from Liverpool. I had one to do it for the TV as well but I decided to do it as a supporter and it was brilliant.

"I think it was deserved after the season that Liverpool had and going so close in the Premier League. It was fantastic for everyone and I’ve still got mates in that team.

"I have built a bit of a relationship with Jurgen as well and after going so close to the sixth the time before, I was delighted for him. It was a great experience."


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