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  • David Tyrer

FSG backed Klopp in Liverpool FA Cup decision

Let's be honest, if FSG hadn't backed Klopp in his decision to allow his first team to have their winter break, we'd have all been very surprised.

But it's good to actually hear the words from the owners that the Reds' manager had received the total backing of FSG.

Klopp, obviously, came under a lot of criticism for fielding an U23 team in the FA Cup replay on Tuesday night, as well as for not actually turning up himself.

It has long been argued in England that the German has no time for the domestic cups, instead wanting to focus only on the big trophies.

They wouldn't be far wrong either, and Liverpool fans really don't care as long as he delivers. And that's seemingly how FSG feel as well, if you listen to Tom Werner.

Speaking to BBC Sport after the Premier League shareholder's meeting today, he said: "We all have to look at the calendar.

"We are all concerned at the amount of stress we are putting on our players. It is a bigger issue and I am not competent to know what the solution is."

There were also some words on what Liverpool have achieved under Klopp so far this season too, but he was keen to keep his excitement as under wraps as possible.

He said: "I am pinching myself, but we haven't done the job yet.

"I keep saying to everyone I talk to that we really need to savour this because I appreciate the record we have achieved so far and I don't think it is going to come along quickly [again].

"The level of competition in this league is so great eventually you think you are going to have an off day.

"But that hasn't happened yet, which is a great compliment to Jurgen because obviously, the team is playing at peak talent every week.

"As Jurgen said, we haven't done the job. We haven't accomplished anything yet. There will be time to enjoy this even more at the end of the season."




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