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  • David Tyrer

French coach Gasset: that guy (Klopp) is revolutionising football

If you believe former assistant to Laurent Blanc during his days at PGS, Jurgen Klopp is 'revolutionising' football as we know it.

While many wouldn't quite go that far, it's fair to say that Jurgen has done a phenomenal job in catching, matching and bettering most of the opposition he's had over the years.

In the Bundesliga II, he got Mainz promoted and kept them up against all costs as an inexperienced manager.

His move to Dortmund was unexpected but a resounding success, as he overhauled the dominant force in German football to win back-to-back German titles.

But he was always up against it in Germany, where his best players barely lasted 12 months before one of Europe's big guns snapped them up.

At Anfield though, he's got something he didn't have in Germany: a guarantee that his best players don't have to be sold.

Sure, the day will come when the likes of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, maybe even Virgil Van Dijk may feel they achieved all they can and what that one final big move.

For the time-being though, he's been afforded the chance to build what many are calling the best team in the world. Whilst some are saying - whisper it - that this could be one of the greatest teams of all time.

If you believe Jean-Louis Gasset though, Jurgen has literally revolutionised football. He said (via the Liverpool Echo): "That guy (Jurgen Klopp) is revolutionising football.

"He doesn't have the best players but he has the best team.

"Liverpool are an army, the giving of oneself [for the team], they're a team that fizzes. Klopp is hard with his players. And yet they love him."

The 66 year old coach continued to lavish praise on the German manager, saying that the football that Liverpool play is the football of the 'future'. He added: "He plays the football of the future. That's why I watch tonnes of Liverpool matches. To get into Klopp's head. Once you get there, you see football like he does."




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