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  • David Tyrer

Former Spurs' defender Mason: Pickford has 'done it before and will do it again'

In a quite unexpected attack on the Everton number one this afternoon, following his dangerous lunge on Virgil Van Dijk, former Spurs' defender Ryan Mason has hit out at Jordan Pickford saying 'he has form'.

Pickford, as you're no doubt well aware, dangerously dived in on Virgil Van Dijk early in the game, with a lunge that could potentially have ended a career. He inexplicably escaped a red card and was allowed to remain on and make two game saving stops in the second half.

Only Evertonians, City and United fans found some way to excuse the challenge, but an attack on the keeper has come from a somewhat unexpected source: former Spurs' full back Ryan Mason.

The 29 year old's career was cut short after an in-game injury himself, after he clashed with Gary Cahill. Despite rehabilitation and a return, he had end his career early due to the risks of playing on after such a dangerous head injury.

Tweeting following the match earlier, Mason had this to say: "Just seen the Pickford tackle. Could end a career that, terrible terrible tackle ! He has done it before & will do again!"




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