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  • David Tyrer

Former Liverpool captain reckons we should sign Bale

Let's be honest, calling Paul Ince a former LFC star, or legend, or anything in that ballpark is a stretch. So let's just go with 'captain', seeing as he captained us for a season or so.

But yes, Ince has urged Jurgen Klopp to go all out for the Welshman this summer and make him his prime target.

Out of the window goes all thoughts about whether Bale would fit our style or system, just get him signed, is Ince's message.

He was speaking to BBC Radio 5Live, when he told Jurgen: "In my personal opinion, I think that if Liverpool could afford him, he should go to Liverpool.

"The reason I say that is because if you look at the front three, they’ve been playing all over the summer, Mane ’s just finished the African Cup of Nations with Senegal, Salah was with Egypt and Firmino was at the Copa America.

"So how much rest are they going to get before the season actually starts? Bale can play on the right, he can play on the left, he can play central. I know they’ve got Origi and Shaqiri but are they good enough?

"If I was looking at a team, and if they could actually afford him, it would be Liverpool and that’s where Bale is going to have to take a massive drop. It can’t be about money.

"He’d be going to a team that’s the European champions, who just missed out on the league, they want to make a massive attempt again."

The problem, of course, is that Bale's wages are massive and he'd be highly unlikely to take such a big wage drop. His presence would unsettle the likes of Salah and Mane too, as Bale will not want to be spending a lot of time on the bench. Not at all.

Of course, the biggest issue here is that, so far, LFC have shown little-to-no interest in the forward so it's effectively a non-starter. Keep barking up that tree, Paul!

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