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  • David Tyrer

Former Everton manager Allardyce: Klopp's Liverpool are a long-ball team

There's been a fair bit of positive coverage about Liverpool so far this season. In fact, since mid-way through last season when the title-race become a two-horse race.

But, in contrast, there's also been a fair bit of negative stuff said about the Reds this season as well. Namely that VAR are assisting us, the FA and Premier League want us to win the league and the whole world is in our favour.

So leave it to Sam Allardyce to go a step further and insult the way we play and claim that we're nothing more than a 'long-ball' team.

The former Everton (we'll never let you forget that) manager told the Daily Mail: "Liverpool play long ball very well indeed from right to left, and very quickly.

"But nobody will say Liverpool play long ball. You wouldn't hear Martin Tyler saying it because it would be frowned upon.

"You've got to be careful about saying Liverpool play long ball. But that's the way it is. They play long ball exceptionally well and better than anybody else. And that's why they do it."

So now that the long ball police haven't arrested Allardyce for breaking the mould and calling it like it is, like a proper Englishman does, we can safely say that it's further confirmation that the man doesn't know what a long-ball is.

His old sides played long-ball. I.e. they humped a ball from deep in the hopes that the big man up top would get a flick on, or they'd win a corner or set-piece.

The way Liverpool play, and our use of long, raking passes, is that we switch the play from flank-to-flank. The centre backs and full backs are also equally capable of those sort of defence-splitting passes.

The difference is that those balls forward that Liverpool play, and play regularly, under Jurgen Klopp are 'passes', not 'long-balls'.

They are hit precisely, with a definite target in mind. They're invariably pick that target out too, barring the odd interception or mis-timed control of the ball.

All Fat Sam has done in making these comments is exposed the lack of understanding he has about the game at the highest level. It also explains why Newcastle is the biggest job he's ever had. And he failed miserably there as well.

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