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  • David Tyrer

Flamengo boss tries to stir things up with Livepool ahead of potential CWC final

When Liverpool head out to the middle-east for the FIFA Club World Cup mid-December, it'll no doubt be with one eye on a potential final against Brazilian side Flamengo.

The winners of last night's Copa Libertadores final though, have already started their attempts at stoking the fires of a barnstorming game against the Reds in less than a month.

Following the match last night, Flamengo manager Jorge Jesus had a little pop at LFC's Champions League final win. He said: "This final has been seen by 186 countries in the world, by millions and millions, and whoever saw it will realise the level it had.

"(Compared to) the last Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham, this one had more technical, tactical content, and a much more beautiful colour than this final in Madrid, where I saw it live."

While he's not wrong about the Champions League final not living up to our expectations, Jesus does ignore the fact that his team were lucky to grab a couple of last-minute goals.

And as often happens when South American sides meet European sides, there will be a clash of styles, which neither set of players will have encountered before.

But the South American side's manager still seems fairly confident. He continued: "We will be in Qatar to play against Liverpool if they are a finalist.

"And we still have to play two games.

"We have a team to win this trophy."

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