• David Tyrer

Fiorentina reportedly ask FIFA if they can move youngster Bobby Duncan on

It's hardly a surprise to hear, but reports this evening (via the Liverpool Echo) are suggesting that Fiorentina are pleading with FIFA to let they 'offload' Bobby Duncan.

The 18 year old only moved to the club less than 6 months ago but his, and the club's ideas about where he stands in the pecking order appear to be a little skewed.

Does this all sound a bit familiar?

You have to feel some sympathy for the player, as he's clearly still young, but also very clearly incredibly immature and has been easily led by the adults in his life. Not least of all his awful agent, who appears to be another money-grabbing, terrible human being.

Duncan has apparently since parted ways with Saif Rubie and is now with German agency SportsTotal.

The player though, still appears to believe that he's done something to warrant starting for one of the leading Serie A teams.

And the fact that they're literally pleading with FIFA to allow them to at least loan him out tells you that the trouble has only followed him abroad.

The concern for them is that with him having played for Liverpool U23s, U18s and their own youth sides this season, he may not be eligible to move again during the current season.

Whatever happens to the young forward, it's fair to say that Liverpool will feel well rid of a fairly negative influence.


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