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  • David Tyrer

Ferdinand mauls United and praises Liverpool

In a strange turn of events, the man who coined the term 'Ole's at the wheel' actually had something positive to say about Liverpool last night, whilst laying into his old team.

The former Man Utd centre back and captain is no synonymous with what has become the lowest point in the Manchester side's last 30-odd years, after backing their current manager life on television last year after a big win over PSG.

But it's fair to say that it has literally all gone tits up since then, and Ole can't be too far away from the sack now. Particularly if the top four starts to slip further away.

Ferdinand though, feels that United are in a woeful place. Whilst he believes that being more like Liverpool is where they should be aspiring. He said: "You look at Liverpool and they are the team who everyone is aspiring to be at the moment.

"That club don't buy players because they are the best player in a certain position. They buy a player who is the best to fit in their system and will actually be in that system for a number of years.

"It's not a short-term fix, it's longevity that they are looking for.

"But at United they have been finding stop-gaps and (Alexis) Sanchez is a great example. They try and fix problems quickly but it doesn't work like that."

There's no doubt about it, Liverpool are riding high on a wave of good feelings and positivity at the moment, whilst Utd are struggling badly. Long may it continue!

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