• David Tyrer

Ferdinand: Liverpool fans talking before they've won anything

After it had been surprisingly quiet for a few days at the start of the international break, another Manchester based ex-player has taken a swipe at Liverpool.

As we said a few weeks ago, when City players and former 'stars' were falling over themselves to criticise and take a dig, it's all just a small club attempt at minds games. And this is no different, except now it's a former Manchester United player. Does it not just show how worried they all are right now?

Well, speaking to the Mirror, he said: "There's fans I didn't even know supported Liverpool that have come back out of the wood work after 20 years of being silent that are starting to speak before they've won anything so it'd be a lot more painful to see them win the league [over Man City], but listen the best team will win it and whoever that is well done."

Unless the former defender and Fergie favourite secretly mixes with the normal folks, we can't imagine who it is that's been coming out of the woodwork.

Of course, what's more likely is that it's just the latest in a long line of digs aimed at Reds fans that we've seen over the past few months but were already well used to that.

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