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  • David Tyrer

Ferdinand laughably claims Man Utd are now the benchmark

You really have to laugh at some of the outlandish claims made by former players sometimes. We've had more than a few of our own from legends too.

But few can top the truly quite hilarious words uttered by former Man Utd captain Rio Ferdinand last night, after Man Utd were helped to another victory by inept officiating.

After the game Ferdinand was speaking about his old team's form (who are on a quite impressive run of form, no doubt) opted to take waxing lyrical to an entirely new level.

He said: "Listen, Man United seem like a team that can score at any given moment.

"Other teams will be watching that and think that if they lose the ball anywhere on the pitch, within seconds it's in the back of the net.

"At the moment I'm thinking that this team, is there any other team that goes through the gears as quick as this team? They're a dangerous team.

"They are actually putting the benchmark down to other teams now."

As I said, you can't argue with the run of form United are on, but let's not kid ourselves the only teams of substance they've played in that period is Wolves, Spurs, Man City and Southampton. They beat only City, which we can all agree was a bizarre anomaly.

To suggest that they are the benchmark, whilst they are currently sitting a gigantic 31 points behind Liverpool and 13 behind their City rivals is laughable. But the longer Ole stays 'at the wheel', the more we're guaranteed a few more laughs as the wheels come off once again.

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