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  • David Tyrer

Fabregas believes Liverpool star is one of three best players in world

It's been a wild few years for Liverpool fans under Jurgen Klopp, going from languishing almost mid-table during his first half season, to being Champions of Europe 3 years later.

In that time, it's not just the trophy cabinet that's started to see some action again either. We now have new players that could soon be added to our long, long, long list of 'legends' too.

With Mo Salah, Alisson, Fabinho, Virgil Van Dijk, Roberto Firmino and our two flying full-backs we're well stocked in that department and all could be on that list come the end of the current Premier League season.

But let's not forget Sadio Mane. The unassuming little Senegal captain, who was one of Klopp's first major signings and set the league alight during his first season.

He was shoved to the left side once Mo Salah arrived and the Egyptian King made history during his first season. Mane was all but forgotten about outside Anfield.

But in the last 18 months Manes has shown that, above all else, more than any other Liverpool player (Virg aside), he is the epitome of consistency.

When we've had periods where we struggled for goals, Mane was always on hand to save us and bail us out. He rarely has an off game, rarely gets a rest and, once again last night, he opened the scoring with a sublime move, combining beautifully with Bobby.

Which we can only assume is what led former Arsenal and Chelsea player Cesc Fabregas to Tweet during the match last night:

Mane started his 4th year at the club this season and has played 133 games for Liverpool, scoring 66 goals, with 23 assists during that time. A combined 89 goals and assists in those 3 and a bit seasons is a ridiculous return and you can't disagree with Fabregas there.

It's just no his stats that bear up to the claims though, it's all of the work that Mane does for his team, his off the ball work rate and his tactical nous. Making the winger easily one of the best players in the world, if not top 3 players in world football.

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