• David Tyrer

FA responds to Liverpool boss' mid-season 'break' claims

Ordinarily, if you want a response from the FA to anything, it can takes several weeks or months but where their pressure cup competition is concerned, it takes much less time.

At least it would seem, considering the FA have managed to pull themselves away from counting all of their profits from fines, etc. to release a statement in response to Jurgen Klopp's claims about the purposes of the proposed mid-season 'break'.

The statement reads: "The FA went to great lengths to create an annual mid-season player break, working closely with the Premier League and its clubs.

"It is a new and significant addition to the English football calendar and is designed to benefit clubs and their players.

"This allowed the Premier League room in its calendar to have a split round of fixtures over two weekends.

"Prior to start of the 2019/20 season, all clubs accepted that Emirates FA Cup fourth round replays, where required, would have to take place during the first week of the mid-season player break.

"This will only affect a small number of clubs due to the split of Premier League fixtures in the mid-season player break."

According to the Liverpool Echo, Jurgen has the full backing of FSG in this and, from what our poll currently says, about 80-odd percent of the fanbase as well.


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